Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

Clan Rules

There aren't many rules in BC, we want our members to be free and have fun. The following are just guidelines so you don't look like a fucking moron in front of everyone.


1. Follow orders in raids. You MUST follow orders in raids. Know your commanding officers (GoA, Generals, Commanders/Field Marshals) and your leaders (Daevas, Royalty) and READ THE CHAT during raids. When you see an order given by someone of a high rank, listen to it. We're a war clan, and we pride ourselves on winning raids. This is accomplished by finding tactics that work, and applying them. We need the cooperation of all our members for that.


2. Never back down. Our enemies hate us, and with good reason. We thrive off the hatred. We love making our enemies mad, and we always have the last word. Don't ever let an opponent get the better of you. If you want to trash your enemies, outsmart them and get under their skin. If they call you out, be prepared to back your shit up. Remember that when you're wearing BC tags, you're representing this clan. Represent us well. 


3. Be respectful to fellow BC. Clans are most successful when their members get along and like each other. If you're in the mood to troll, please take it out on another clan, not fellow BC members. You can have fun and joke around with each other, but think of BC like a sports team where we all have each other's backs. 


 4. Wear BC tags at all times. We strongly encourage everyone to have an account with BC in the name, but we'll accept wearing the tags in your guild. You don't need to wear your rank, just the clan tags. Be proud to show everyone that you're part of the Bellicose Cavalcade Empire. 


5. Be Active. This is a clan on the game Sherwood Dungeon, not a social group on Skype. If you're not on Sherwood, you're not helping the clan. We understand that people have lives and don't always have time to get online, but if you want to move up in the ranks, we need to see you on Sherwood and in base. If you're busy and can't be very active, come talk to the leaders about it. We'll understand, and there's a good chance you won't lose your rank if you're away for a while.  

Guidelines for Acceptable Trash Talk

As everyone knows, BC has a reputation for talking trash. Other clans and SW players hate us for it, and that's exactly how we like it. Not only are we proud to demonstrate our dominance, but trash talking can be an effective military strategy because it gets in our opponent's heads. Trashing non-BC members is allowed in BC, but due to Gene becoming more strict in banning people and an increasing number of snitches on SW, we encourage everyone to follow these guidelines. 


1. Do not be racist or sexually explicit. The main reason people get banned from SW is for using racist or sexually explicit insults. No one ever gets banned for calling someone a noob or saying "you suck at this game." Stay away from the racist stuff, and do not be sexually degrading or sexually explicit. 


2. Avoid using excessive vulgarities. You can trash someone and get your point across without being too detailed or vulgar. You may get away with it for the most part, but this could be viewed as sexually explicit if someone reports you.


3. Keep your trashing focused on Sherwood. No one here knows anything about each other's real lives, even if you think you do. You know about their actions on SW, so trash them based on that. Getting too personal is not only less effective on most people, but it can be viewed as harassment and get you in trouble.


4. Ignore "Nani" of TQA on sight. This player is the most notorious SW snitch. She may be using Nani, LaNani, Nitya, or Sita accounts. Ignore any of these names on sight. She will report you for anything, and Gene listens to this piece of trash for whatever reason. If you know of anyone else who is a serial snitch, ignore them as well, and advise fellow BC to do the same.