Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

Members and Ranks


Daevas of BC


Blackheartz & Sun



   The Royal Highborn 


*The royal tier is reserved for the most loyal, trusted, and elite members of BC. These members know what they're doing and are respected throughout Sherwood. Only the best of the best can become royalty*




Earth & Flyer



Royal Advisors




 Invaluable, Raine, Missing Piece



 The Cavalry


*This tier makes up the majority of the BC Empire. The members of The Cavalry have shown enough potential as either military leaders or fighters to be recognized among Sherwood's privileged unit. The Cavalry is broken up into two branches: military officers and fighters*


Military Branch


*The officers of BC's military should be able to give and receive orders during a raid, as well as train and teach new members. The most important quality in a commanding officer is leadership* 



General of the Army (GoA) 



Generals (GNRL)



Commanders (CMDR)



Field Marshals (FM)

 Memphis, BlackEagle


Brigadier Generals (BRG)



Colonels (COL) 



Lieutenant Colonels (LT-C)

 Fusion, Flood, CoupDeGrace


Majors (MJR) 

 Prophet, Pand, CDS, Zorg


Captains (CPT) 

 Paroxysm, ZohrahTheExplorer


First Lieutenants (LT) 

Vermillion, Koza, Mento, Toxic, Arya


Second Lieutenants (S-LT) 

 Gaga, Amazing, Hidden


Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) 

 Vixen, Vanna


Warrant Officers (WO) 



Sergeant Majors (SM) 

 MatthewGill, Babygirlx, Ben, Fearless, Caliphrate, ChedEvans


Sergeants (SGT) 

Soft, WentworthMiller, Matej, KnightLorde, RainKen, Banter, Saladin, Russ, Ath


Fighting Branch


*These are the Cavalry who choose to focus on PvP fighting more than anything else. The fighters of BC should represent the clan well in 1v1 fights as well as be able to kill multiple opponents without dying during raids* 


   Thane (Thn)    



Rank S

 Roam, BeastAnace, Tiger, Andi


 Rank A

Dippers, Frogman, Broly, Alexandre, Devil, DeathDagger


Rank B

Diamond, Stasus 



The Infantry


*BC's infantry are its foot soldiers. Every empire needs soldiers on the front lines. The infantry is made up mostly of new members who need to start somewhere. They can progress into chosen elite status with training*



Corporals (CPRL) 


Private First Class (P-FC)


Privates (PVT)

  BloodStone, Corruption, Geno



Accountable, CoolDJ, Majestic, ThrakThanar, Enigma, Master-Bate, DareToBeDifferent, lightjuff, Gore, Bloodstone, Wolf, PinkRose, Pancakes, Beast, Rai, BlueBlood, Justin, Glorified, Brandoni, DeathValley, Votto, Defiance, Phantom, Hepestus, KingGhost



Shakezilla, Arian, Archer, Crayvalley(KingArmesis), Sugaah Tastic, Sui, Sonja(Model), Goku, Oxygen