Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

Rank Descriptions

 Everyone should read this page so they know what is expected from them and they get a better idea of how to earn a promotion. This provides a detailed description of each rank. Please read the Chain of Command page for an outline of which ranks serve directly underneath another rank.



The Daevas are the founders of BC. Daeva is not a rank that can be reached by anyone but the original founders. The Daevas run the clan and have the final say in every clan decision. They have the ability to overturn any decision made by a clan member. 





The Emperors of BC are responsible for leading the clan on Sherwood as well as helping the Daevas with decisions and administrative duties. The Emperors can lead raids, promote and demote all ranks, and kick members from the clan.  



The Lords of BC are experienced leaders and trusted members who assist the Daevas and Emperor in making clan decisions. They can lead raids and promote and demote all ranks, and their orders should be followed at all times.



The Princes and Princesses of BC are respectable members who have made great contributions to BC. They can lead raids, promote and demote any rank up to LT, and their opinions are held in high value. 




General of the Army 

The General of the Army is the leader of the military branch of BC, and the primary war leader of BC. The GoA can lead raids, promote military up to the rank of Colonel, and demote any military rank. All members should look to the GoA for orders during a raid.



General is the highest rank any member can attain in BC's military by normal means. They are second in command of the BC military and have the power and responsibilities of both a Commander and a Field Marshal. When the GoA is not online, Generals have the autonomy to lead raids whenever they choose. 


Commander/Field Marshal 

Commanders and Field Marshals are equal in power and responsibility, but serve slightly different purposes. Commanders are responsible for keeping order in base and may lead a base defense if BC is raided. Field Marshals are the offensive variation of a Commander, tasked with scouting for clans to raid and relaying orders in raids. Field Marshals may lead a raid against an enemy clan if given special permission. 

Brigadier General 

BRGs are long-serving BC members who have shown loyalty and dedication to BC, as well as leadership and raiding ability. They should follow and relay orders efficiently during a raid, and provide a leadership presence in base. While serving as BRG, members should begin working with their superiors to train to become a Commander or Field Marshal. 



Starting at the Captain rank, members are now beginning to realize some of their potential and have proven themselves to be loyal and useful. To work their way up through these ranks, members should follow orders efficiently, be active and helping out around base, recruit new members, and help new members learn the basics of the game and how to be a good BC member. These members should have been trained in raiding and have a decent idea how to handle themselves on the battlefield. 



Sergeant-First Lieutenant

SGT is the starting rank for members who are promoted out of the Infantry and choose a non-fighting specialization. These members will be trained in raiding and should focus on improving those skills. To be promoted through these ranks, members should show loyalty to BC, be active in base and participate in clan affairs. 





The Thane is the leader of BC's fighting branch. The Thane should rank members who choose the fighting branch as well as train them to become better fighters. All of the fighting branch should look to the Thane for direction.  

Rank B-S

Members who choose to pursue the fighting path will either be assigned a rank based on their abilities by Sun or the current Thane, or placed directly into rank B if they need further training. No members will be rejected from the fighting branch, but trainees will remain Rank B until Sun or the current Thane believes their abilities have improved enough to warrant a rank-up. 





These first few Infantry ranks serve as a way to assure only active members enter the Cavalry. Showing up in base and following basic orders is enough to earn promotions here.  



Dalit is the rank that all new BC members start at. Dalit can also be used as a punishment rank for members who are demoted.