Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

Basic tips

If we're raided, we won't have time to prepare a strategy right away. The following are general tips that can be used at any time during a raid. They can be good enough to win wars against weaker clans, or at least provide us enough time to develop a structure and strategy against stronger clans.


1. Stay together. Unless commanded to do otherwise, we should be in a large group in one general area rather than split into small groups all over the place. We're stronger as a group than individuals, and our opponent will be intimidated by a large group.


2. Follow orders. Everyone should be aware of the chat and listen for orders from the Daevas or the GoA. If an order is given, listen to it. We have a better chance of winning efficiently if we have structure.


3. Surround the enemy. You should be moving throughout most of the war. Do not let the enemy attack your back. Keep them in front of you, and work with your fellow BC members to surround and kill.


4. Have each others backs. If you see a BC member near death, go over and help them out. Attack the person or people around them and take some attention off them. This allows them time to heal and get back in action.


5. Don't over-pursue. Opponents are going to run around in war, it happens. Don't run halfway across the courtyard to chase them down. If an enemy runs, just slide over and attack the next ones. 


Twelve Tenants of War

No matter who we're at war with and what our strategy is at the moment, you should always remember these twelve principles.


1. Learn about your enemy- You cannot fight effectively unless you can identify them. Learn about their best fighters, and how to clear your enemy.


2. Counterbalance- During war, don't let anything get to your mind. Think about what to do that will help the present. Learn to detach yourself from the chaos of the battlefield.
2. Counterbalance- During war, don't let anything get to your mind. Think about what to do that will help the present. Learn to detach yourself from the chaos of the battlefield.
3. Controlled Chaos- The critical elements in war are speed and adaptability- the ability to move and make decisions faster than the enemy.
4. Counterattack- Let the other side move first. If aggresive, bait them into a rash attack that leaves them in a weak position.
5. Deterrence- Build a reputation for being a little crazy. Fighting you is not worth it. If your opponents aren't sure what attacking you will cost, they will not want to find out.
6. Intelligence- The target of your strategies is not the army you face, but the mind who runs it. Learn to read people.
7. Forcing- Instead of trying to dominate the other side’s every move, work to define the nature of the relationship itself. Control your opponent’s mind, pushing emotional buttons and compelling them to make mistakes.
8. Divide and Conquer- Separate the parts and sow dissension and division. Turn a large problem into small, eminetly defeatable parts.
9. Envelop the enemy- Create relentless pressure from all sides. When you sense weakening resolve, tighten the noose and crush their willpower.
10. Ripening for the sickle- Before the battle begins, put your opponent in a position of such weakness that victory is easy and quick. Create dilemmas where all potential choices are bad. 
11. Ordinary to Extraordinary- Upset expectations. First do something ordinary and conventional, then hit them with the extraordinary. Sometimes the ordinary is extraordinary because it is unexpected.
12. Oneupmanship- Instill doubts and insecurities in rivals, getting them to think too much and act defensive. Make them hang themselves through their own self-destructive tendencies, leaving you blameless and clean.