Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

Slay the Cowards, Save the Brave

BC has risen!

After a hiatus of about 2 and a half years, BC has been re-opened to wreak havoc on Sherwood once again. Returning members should speak to Blackheartz or Sun directly about their rank; new members should post in the guestbook or contact a Lord, Emperor, or Daeva. 

BC encourages self recruiting!

It is BC's policy and tradition that all new recruits start at the "Dalit" rank. As such, it is extremely easy for players to join the clan. If you wish to join BC, simply put Dalit-BC in your guild and let us know on the guestbook that you joined. No one will be turned down!


BC's site features 3 unique templates that you can choose from! Scroll down to select your favorite 


Lord Memphis' chatbox...proceed with caution

Bellicose Cavalcade Empire

The Bellicose Cavalcade Empire has one goal: building an empire across Sherwood.


We seek to acknowledge the talented players of Sherwood, and build an empire of such players. Talents may include military strategy, 1-on-1 fighting, raiding, or even trashing enemy clans. We don't teach respect and pacifism here - anyone who disagrees with us or stands in our way is to be crushed. 


Our base is room 89, emerald server. If you're tired of the same old soft clans prancing around and making friends with each other, then come check us out. We'll show you what it means to be an empire.  

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 *Credit to Ian for the templates and banner*


Daevas of BC

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